100 Lives 31 Days, Hot Cares, Hot91.9fm2 Brothers Back on Track for their Matric Year

Nominated by her sister Lorette, Lynette Capes has been the sole breadwinner in her household since October 2017 when her husband lost his job. Despite his efforts, his job search has been unsuccessful thus far. The month of April saw the odds being stacked against the Capes family yet again when Lynette lost her job too. As a result of these trying financial circumstances Lynette’s two sons were doing their Matric studies online, but with the additional economic impact of Lynette losing her job, the likelihood of her boys completing their studies this academic year is not high.

We all know how important education is and we’d like to give these boys a fighting chance. Hot Cares will donate R6 000 towards the Capes boys’ education, which will cover the online course for Lynette’s two sons, the data costs and other educational requirements.

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