Audrey Garrett, 100 Lives 31 Days, Hot Cares, Hot919fmAudrey Gets Mobile

“When one neighbour helps another, we strengthen our communities.” – Jennifer Pahlka.

There’s no way we could have forgotten the heart-wrenching story of Audrey Garrett who lost her daughter early this month.

On 3rd July, Audrey’s daughter was killed when she was shot through her arm and stomach in an armed robbery. At the time her brother was locked in the bathroom, so he was not hurt in the incident. The perpetrators broke in and stole two cellphones as there was nothing else to take.

Before losing her only daughter, Audrey had some difficult months without a job; but she’s recently found work in the yard at Honeydew Build-it and one of the bigger challenges, Audrey faces regarding securing full-time employment, is transport.

Parky spoke to Audrey on the 19th of July, and we’ve since then received an overwhelming response of people sending their messages of love and support and asking to help Audrey.

In a true show of what a community that comes together is capable of achieving, with your help and the assistance of our friends at Imperial Toyota Strijdom Park, we’ve been able to secure a 2nd hand car in good condition for Audrey. Hotcares will also be assisting with fuel and Insurance coverage for the car for 6 months.

In this challenging time, it’ll help to get Audrey and her adult son (who has mental and physical challenges) to get around.

This month has demonstrated to us, beyond a shadow of a doubt the love and caring of the community in which we live. Thank you.

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