Christine, 100 Lives 31 Days, Hot Cares, Hot919fmChristine Gets Help With Insurmountable Odds

“When women support each other, incredible things happen.” – Unknown.

Christine was nominated by her employer Vanessa. Holding a big place in her heart, Vanessa says that Christine helped her raise her children and while Vanessa would love nothing more than to help Christine herself, her current financial state does allow for that at the moment and asked Hot Cares for assistance.

Christine is a widow and supports her two children as well as her parents on her salary.

As the sole breadwinner, her financial situation has become even more precarious with the discovery of her 17 year old daughter’s 35-week pregnancy. A daughter who is still dependent on Christine and who will need to return to school once the baby is born.

While the odds seem insurmountable, we’d like to encourage Christine, and so Hot Cares will be purchasing a new cot and a R5000 Dischem voucher for Christine to assist with the other endless essential items for a new baby.

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