100 Lives 31 Days, Hot Cares, Hot919fm, Dylan Taute-PeelDylan Gets His Operation

“A child can teach an adult three things; to be happy for no reason, to always be curious and to fight tirelessly for something.” – Paulo Coelho.

Andre Snyman, a founding member of our eBlockwatch, sent in a desperate plea to Hot Cares for 8-year-old Dylan Taute-Peel. His mom Juanita, asked if Hot 91.9fm could perhaps try and get 200 listeners who are not able to donate 67 minutes of time, to possibly donated R67.

Dylan has Hirschsprung disease, a congenital condition in which nerve cells are missing from parts of the intestine. This damage causes blockages in the bowel and makes it difficult to pass a normal, healthy stool.

He requires a feeding tube to get all the nutrients and energy he needs to function as the happy little boy he is but is not often up and about enjoying the simple pleasures of childhood; missing out on time with friends at school because he’s either in the hospital or unwell at home.

As a result of numerous painful, time-consuming surgeries and no longer able to attend school; Dylan’s family face the daily battle of trying to fund his costly operations and medical needs including nappies and formula.

Having developed an infected abscess in his mouth, this latest setback means having to find R12 500 to have the tooth removed under anaesthetic.

Hot Cares are happy to assist by paying for the R12 500 for the operation, and another R3 000 for a much needed replacement of his feeding tube under anaesthetic. Dylan, who suffers with mild autism usually has to contend with doing this in the doctors rooms which is extremely difficult and traumatic.

If you would like to assist, Dylan’s family are always in need of formula and nappies as this is an ongoing expense of R1500 per week. Email hotcares@hot919.co.za to help in any way you can.

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