Elvine Du Plooy, Hot919fm, Hot Cares Touching 100 Lives 31 Days, Madiba Day 100 Lives 31 Days – Elvine’s Journey to Motherhood

A graduate of the Hot 91.9 FM Radio Training Academy Elvine Du Plooy has had an incredibly tough time lately. By 2014, following a series of operations, it was clear Elvine would never be able to conceive a child, nor would she safely carry a child to term; although this is something she’s always wanted. The saying “Life begins at 40” was an understatement ringing true for Elvine in the most beautiful way. As the greatest gift of all, she has fallen pregnant much to her delight!

However, the good news is tempered with hardship as Elvine has been unemployed for almost three years. In that time she lost her home, and can no longer afford medical aid, now when she needs it most. With her medical history, after her first and only check up, Elvine has been identified as high risk for specific conditions and would do anything to be able to do the necessary prenatal tests.

The medical tests are just over R12 000 with the specialist and the birth in a private hospital would be in the range of R45 000. While Hot Cares is not able to cover the costs for the birth in a private hospital, we would like to ensure that the necessary tests and precautions are taken to ensure Elvine can prepare for the delivery in whichever hospital it takes place.

Hot Cares will pay for her essential medical tests valued at R12 000.

Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.

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