Tayla, 100 Lives 31 Days, Hot Cares, Hot919fmHelping Tayla and Her Family

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” – Walt Disney.

The last four years have been an incredibly trying time for Tayla’s family.

After demonstrating great personal strength, Ivan, Tayla’s father won his battle against addiction. In a time that should have been joyous and triumphant, Ivan was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease called Sarcoidosis. It’s a condition in which the immune system starts attacking organs and other parts of the body.

In Ivan’s case, the disease began attacking his lungs, heart and brain. May 2018 saw Tayla’s father being hospitalised for five weeks, and that’s when they discovered that the disease has progressed and started attacking his spinal cord, which will result in him becoming a quadriplegic. Ivan is in considerable pain and is already battling to walk.

In the midst of their fathers’ medical battles, this time last year Tayla’s younger sister, Shannon, was injured in a serious sporting accident resulting in scarring on her brain, causing Epilepsy. Due to the downtime involved in her recovery, she was unable to complete her Matric, but she is completing her Matric from home this year.

Tayla’s mother Caroline, who has been a rock for her family throughout, also began to struggle with her pre-existing depression and was admitted and is being assisted by medical professionals.

The family is drowning in expenses from hospitals,which includes the cost of medications for her mom, dad and her sister. About two weeks ago, one of their cars’ tyre burst and the brake pads are so worn, it’s unsafe to drive the car.

It’s fair to say that this family have been through enough hardship to last them a lifetime, and they are very deserving of a helping hand; so Hot Cares will pay for the car service, including new tyres as well as purchase groceries and household supplies to the combined value of R14 000.

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