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“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” – Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

Shannon Botha nominated her courageous mom Fiona. Born three months premature at just 1.2kgs, Fiona was so little she could fit in a shoebox. Due to her difficult birth, she developed Cerebral Palsy; this affected her one leg.

The life expectancy of Cerebral Palsy patients isn’t very high. Due to poor muscle tone and bone density, they usually pass around 40 years old.In an incredible demonstration of tenacity, at 66 years of age, Fiona remains mentally and physically strong, coping every day with little assistance.

She drives herself to work and back every day and uses a shopping trolley to get her around Northgate every day Medical professionals that have met her cannot believe how successfully she has survived 66 years and has never had to use a wheelchair. It’s unheard of!

Her struggle has now come that she is unable to afford her sessions with her Bio-Kineticist which is twice weekly.The medical aid won’t cover the essential sessions she requires being a Cerebral Palsy patient. Shannon and her husband help wherever they can financially, but it’s not enough.

This mom has been a fighter from birth and maintains such a joyful, positive attitude we would love to help her! Mae Heard, the Bio-Kineticist from NHC Medical and Dental Centre Bryanston is going to be giving Fiona free visits for the rest of the year.

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