Husky Heaven Rescue, Hot919fm, Hot Cares, Touching 100 Lives 31 Days, Madiba DayHusky Heaven Rescue, every dog has its day.

Hot Cares received an email from Jade Dickson nominating Husky Heaven Rescue for assistance as part of our Touching 100 Lives campaign. Established in March 2015, Husky Heaven in Roodepoort has since rescued over 250 Huskies, many from cruel circumstances. They also have programmes aimed at raising awareness about animal cruelty and responsible pet ownership.

Like most animal shelters, Husky Heaven Rescue has the ongoing challenge of covering their expenses and feeding the animals as the number of Huskies they care for increases. As part of our Touching 100 lives campaign, Hot Cares is happy to donate R5 500 for the rent for the month of July to alleviate some of the burden associated with an undertaking of this kind.

The truth is, there are few things better in the world than a wet nose and wagging tail.

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