100 Lives 31 Days, Hot Cares, Hot919fmJeanne-Anne Gets a Much-needed Helping Hand

Any small business owner can share the triumphs and trials of being an entrepreneur. After running her business for 17 years, just over a year ago, Jeanne-Ann had to close her business doors. Following the loss of her business, Jeanne-Ann has spent the last year looking for work and trying to hold her life together by doing odd jobs, but a run of bad luck has held her back; her car got stolen, and there was an attempted break into her home. She is now reliant on friends to help pay for her pre-paid electricity, to put airtime and data onto her phone so she can job search and to buy her groceries.

Her garden also needs some attention as the grass and bushes are so overgrown that drains are becoming blocked and giving criminals many places to hide, compromising her security. Hot Cares will be donating groceries to the value of R2 000, data for her job search worth R1 000, prepaid electricity worth R1000 and we’ll hire her a gardener for two days to clear out her overgrown garden and reduce any security risks.

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