Jenna, 100 Lives 31 Days, Hot Cares, Hot919fmJenna Gets Help With Her Studies

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” – Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

Family friend Cheryl van der Walt nominated hard-working Jenna who matriculated from Park Town Girls High School last year with seven distinctions.

Cheryl says that Jenna is the most remarkable young lady – kind, helpful and considerate, Jenna is always eager to babysit her three little cousins, looking after them with ease and maturity.

Aware of her parents’ financial situation, Jenna applied for bursaries and scholarships but was unfortunately unsuccessful.

She wasn’t able to get into Medicine but opted for a Health Sciences degree with the hope of moving into Medicine later. She was given a small sum of money from the University for her excellent Matric results.

Jenna’s family is under severe financial stress; her mom works and her dad, Archie, is on a disability pension from the SAPS, and has faced numerous health challenges himself.

Times have been hard for this family, and they now rent a smaller house, close to the bus routes, so they can use public transport whenever possible.

Archie daily drives his wife and older daughter to work, and Jenna to Wits as they share one car.

Jenna studies incredibly hard, and her results prove this. With one shared family car she is happy to be dropped at Wits in the very early morning and waits patiently for a lift home in the late afternoons.

Her one wish is for a laptop so that she can study and do her course work while she’s at varsity waiting for her lift. She currently completes all her assignments by hand, and takes note in class by hand, having a laptop will assist this aspiring lady to improve her studies.

Hot Cares is happy to provide Jenna with a laptop including the necessary software, a protective carry bag, a printer with a spare cartridge and a wireless router including data, all valued at R15 000. We also wish her every success with her studies going forward.

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