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Jonathan was involved in a severe car accident which left him severely disabled. At 52 years old, he is a very young resident at Golden Harvest Frail Care, a home for the elderly. The Hot Cares Team met bubbly and joyful Jonathan last year when we visited in December with biscuits to encourage the residents. Taking a shine to Christi, one of our Hot Cares team members, Jonathan sweetly (and rather innocently) asked her to be his girlfriend. Usually, a ray of sunshine and an utter delight, this year, another Hot Cares visit to Golden Harvest Frail Care found Jonathan in poor spirits. So to lift him up and return his easy laugh, charm and positivity, Hot Cares team member Christi will be taking Jonathan out on a Hot movie date!

When asked what type of films he liked, “Action!” was Jonathan’s immediate response, although Christi said she prefers romance and comedy. Whatever they decide on, we hope Jonathan will enjoy his dream date!

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