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“Healing yourself is connected with healing others.” – Unknown.

Nominated by family friend Terry Holton, Hot Cares received a request for assistance for the Aldous family in 2017, but at the time we were unable to assist. They were in dire need of a replacement vehicle on which the family business relied, a battered Mazda with 575 000km on the clock.

It was sometime before that Jared and his brothers began cycling to get around; this was no doubt when the two Aldous boys discovered their passion for the sport.

Jared specifically discovered some talent on the bike. Jared joined the Northcliff Cycles team, and they were astonished at his strength and speed, believing he had the potential to become a world champion.

Chris Froome (Sky Champion cyclist) said he had tremendous talent and even gave Jared a Sky cycling outfit.

In a true tale of triumph over adversity, Jared Aldous ended up becoming a breadwinner for his family.

In following up with them last week to see what other need could be met, we discovered that on 23 June 2018, Jared was killed on his bicycle in a crash with a milk truck. His brother who was riding behind him suffered a sprained and dislocated wrist and a gash to his hip and was discharged from hospital last Tuesday.

Following such a tragic loss, we hope to alleviate some of their other stresses and be a support to them. Hot Cares is purchasing a grocery voucher valued at R3000 and an Edgars voucher valued at R3000.

And thanks to David Wyatt from Scott Sports Africa who has kindly subsidised a Carbon Addict 30 road bike for Jared’s younger brother, Justin, who carries the same passion for the sport in his heart, Hot Cares is delighted that together with Scott Sports Africa we can give Justin this wonderful birthday surprise valued at R25 600.

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