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“I Can Do Things You Cannot. You Can Do Things I Cannot. Together We Can Do Great Things.” – Mother Teresa.

Hot Cares got in touch with The Living Link earlier this month to see if they could get involved in treating some of our beneficiaries for the Touching 100 Lives campaign. Established in 2000, The Living Link is a training centre for young adults between the ages of 18 – 35 who have learning challenges or an intellectual disability.

Intending to develop independent living skills and above all work readiness skills, the completion of the course is also an opportunity for these young adults to enter the open labour market.

On completion of the course, The Living Link places these young adults into some form of open labour market employment where they can become people who can reach for their hopes and dreams and participate in mainstream society. The Living Link seeks to break down the barriers that exist for people living with disabilities in our society.

The Living Link is not about sadness and pity. We at Hot Cares admire that they are an organisation that is about hope and making a difference, but we realise that they too, as an NPO, may need a helping hand.

The Parkhurst premises doesn’t have a secure, functional way to verify people before they enter the premises so Hot Cares will be supplying and installing Security cameras and a screen for their main gate to ensure security for students, staff and village residents.

We also understand that the municipality doesn’t often come to tend to the overgrowth in the neighbouring spruit which also poses a security threat, so Hot Cares will also donate an industrial lawn mower to cut the grass at The Living Link Village for a total value of R20 000!

Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.