Marie’s Home for Abandoned Children, 100 lives, 100 Lives 31 Days, Hot Cares, hot cares stories, touching 100 lives100 Lives 31 Days – Marie’s Dream Come True after 34 Years

For over 34 years, Marie Goss has opened up her heart and her home to abandoned and abused children.  As part of our “Touching 100 lives campaign”, Hot Cares received a few nominations asking for assistance for Marie’s Home for Abandoned Kids. One nomination was from Nicky who came into contact with Marie when her friend had a stroke and became depressed. Nicky was moved by how much Marie does for those in her care, the hardships faced by the children and the adults before coming to Marie and witnessed the daily struggle Marie goes through to care for everyone.

Marie works with the local police station and takes in abandoned and abused children and currently houses about 15 children ranging in age from infant to 18 years. Marie also takes in disabled adults who have nowhere to turn.  These adults, in turn, assist with helping to look after the children and around the home. Marie’s Home for Abandoned Children is a registered NPO, but they have no formal fundraising and rely on word of mouth donations.

Amid their trying circumstances, every second year Marie still tries to take the children away on holiday and are trying to save to pay for a trip in December. They have put down a deposit and are hoping to raise R30 000 for the balance for a very special Christmas holiday for the kids. Hot Cares would like to make this a reality and is donating R30 000 to pay for the holiday accommodation for Marie, Deon and the children.

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