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“Where there is love, there is life.” – Unknown.

Chantal Landsberg, a volunteer at Matchbox Babies, a place of safety for abandoned babies, contacted Hot Cares for assistance.

Established in 2005 and based in Joburg North, Matchbox Babies was founded by Nicole Morrison as a halfway house to take care of babies while their biological parents are found or until they can are appropriately placed in foster care.

Matchbox babies have 21 moms who are approved for temporary and safe care. These women help to look after the many babies they receive either from Child Welfare Service or those brought directly to the home.

There are about 10 500 abandoned babies per annum in this country. That’s around 28 every single day!

The home is currently running out of space, and they would like to make more room in the house to accommodate more babies, but in order to this, they are trying to raise funds for a storage facility for the babies’ necessities, such as clothing, cots, formula and nappies.

When the babies are brought in, they arrive with nothing, so the home needs to be prepared at all times.

To further the excellent work that Matchbox Babies does, Hot Cares will donate a Wendy House for storage. We’ll also purchase babies necessities like formula, nappies and bottles, all to the value of R15 000!

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