Rosettenville Baby Home, 100 Lives 31 Days, Hot Cares, Hot919fmRosettenville Baby Home

“The power of love and caring for can change the world.” – James Autry.

Nominated by Adele Morrissey, Jackie Mutasa looks after abandoned babies that are rescued by the SA Police service, often from toilets and rubbish bins and have no refuge.

Although the home is a fully registered NPO, government grants are not enough, forcing them to rely on donations to keep the doors open.

Even in these challenging circumstances, Jackie never complains. She always places the needs of the Home and the babies above her own hardly even having time to see her two children back home in Zimbabwe; who are cared for by her mother who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

In addition to the general management, administration duties, public liaison and record maintaining, Jackie also takes the children to the clinic, crèche, and if needed, therapy centres, many times walking with sick babies at 2 AM in the morning to get them the necessary medical attention.

For the safety of Jackie and the children she cares for, Hot Cares would like to purchase driving lessons and cover the cost of getting her drivers license.

We’ll also include a clothing voucher for her children for a total value of R5 000.

Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.