Living2Inspire, 100 Lives 31 Days, Hot Cares, Hot919fmSameshni is “Living2Inspire”

“It’s not how we fall. It’s how we get back up again.” – Patrick Ness.

During a routine Wellness Day at work in 2008, Sameshni Moodley did an HIV test as part of the regular set of health screenings. To her surprise, at the age of 29, Sameshni was diagnosed with HIV and she thought life as she knew it was over.

But after a dark time of alcohol abuse, binge eating and substance abuse, Sameshni decided to turn her life around. Her new positive attitude turned things around, and now she’s on a mission “Living2Inspire”.

Sameshni raises awareness and funds to educate and equip women and young girls living with HIV who’ve been impacted by the stigma of being positive, to live their best, healthiest, most courageous lives.

Sameshnis passion and commitment to inspire means this year she’s taking “Living2Inspire” to the next level by attempting to summit Kilimanjaro. Her climb represents the myriad of life’s challenges that we must all overcome and Sameshni herself draws inspiration from strong women around her who have overcome great obstacles to stay alive and thrive.

Through her climb, Sameshni aims to raise R100 000 to support Orange Babies South Africa, who work to save babies lives and to help pregnant women with HIV. Orange Babies also supports children who are infected with or directly affected by HIV.

While part of Sameshni’s climb is self-funded (training, flights and deposits have been paid), she has invited friends, family and corporates to join the movement and to assist with the additional funds for her clothing and gear.

Hot Cares want to ensure that she has all the necessary gear; from the sleeping bag and liner to headlamps, trekking poles, hydration bladder, hand warmer, down to the pillow and water purification tablets, totalling just over R12 000.

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