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Brandon-Lee had a difficult start to his academic career, having been misdiagnosed as ADHD when he was little and only correctly diagnosed with Aspergers at the age of 16. A highly intelligent young man who battles to connect with people emotionally, Brandon completed his matric exams with seven distinctions. His parents were not in a position to afford tertiary education and despite his determination to get a job, he could not find any employment after matric. When the opportunity to go to China arose, where training would be given and employment was guaranteed, Brandon took it with open arms.

Brandon-Lee was one of 50 young adults who were hired by a dubious recruitment agency to teach English in the East, but instead a few months later found themselves the subjects of a criminal investigation after their passports were confiscated because they didn’t have legitimate visas.

Brandon was unable to work and earn money and not working themselves, his parents relied on their friends and the community to send R500 per week for food. During this time, Brandon was without his medication for two months, was unable to celebrate his 21st birthday with his family and friends; but most tragically, four weeks ago his step-dad passed away suddenly.

Desperate to get her stepson home, Hot Cares was contacted by Janet Bold for assistance.

The Chinese government arranged for the group to return home and Hot Cares took the opportunity to make his home-coming truly special. Hot Cares flew up his dad, step-mom and little brother Jayden to surprise him at O.R. Tambo International Airport upon his arrival from China.

Through the generosity of Gold Reef City, Brandon-Lee and his family enjoyed a one-night stay at the multi-award-winning Gold Reef City Theme Park Hotel, inclusive of breakfast at Barney’s Restaurant & Bar. A special celebratory birthday dinner with the family at the famous Back Of The Moon Restaurant was arranged to celebrate the 21st birthday that Brandon-Lee spent in China. And of course, you can’t visit Gold Reef City without experiencing the thrills at the only theme park of its kind in the country.

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