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Yiull Damaso is a critically acclaimed muralist, and visual artist, with work ranging from the abstract, to sculptures to striking oil on canvas pieces.

Well known for his multiple Nelson Mandela portrait series, he was named South Africa’s top muralist by art critic Hazel Friedman of the Cape Argus in 2000.

For the month of July, Y&M Studios have transferred Yiull Damaso’s Madiba works and transferred them onto a pair of cufflinks. The perfect gift for the man or woman who is courageous in their own way. Y&M Studios has generously donated a set of these cufflinks to auction off to raise funds for our Touching 100 Lives campaign.

These 4 sets of cufflinks form part of an exclusive collection of miniatures styled on Yiull’s provocative Nelson Mandela portraits. Each original in the collection of portraiture represents a manifestation of wisdom inspired by the South African icon.

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