Remy Cano contacted Christmas Wish on behalf of his friend, Suzy De Lima the principal at the Lusito School For Special Needs Children and one of her scholars, Kenny.

Physically and mentally disabled, Kenny is in the care of his parents – real salt of the earth people, who like many, have fallen on tough times as a result of COVID-19.

Kenny’s father is at retirement age, leaving the household with only one source of income, but Kenny’s schooling is paramount to his well-being and stability. The bond he’s created with his teacher is such that he’ll allow only her to cut his hair. His positivity and joy every day he’s dropped off at school is palpable.

But with his folks unable to pay the R3700 a month cost of Kenny’s special school, they risk having to discontinue his tenure there which would absolutely devastate Kenny.

Through Hot Cares, an anonymous donor has stepped forward and instead of spending a load of cash on her 50th birthday, she’s instead decided to pay Kenny’s school fees for 2021 – to the value of R45 000. Hot Cares has also thrown in a R5000 grocery voucher for the festive season to ensure a very Merry Christmas indeed.