Vaughn Van Reeuwyk was nominated by his housemate Graham Cooper. In what’s been described as a mini retirement village, they have a house-share with two other gentlemen over the age of 60 – all with limited means.

 Graham says Vaughn has really had a tough year after being forced into retirement at the beginning of the year. Vaughn has been battling to make ends meet; his UIF pension payments ceased in October and his last asset was an elderly Uno which he was hoping to use as a means to create some income by doing deliveries and the like.

 The issue was that the car was in quite poor condition and with questions around its reliability and roadworthiness, Vaughn decide to sell it and rather purchase a scooter. He found a buyer online for the car who came to collect same day.

Unfortunately, the guy turned out to be a con man having supplied fake payment confirmation. That is to say poor Vaughn was duped out of his last means to generate an income for himself to supplement the government grant for which he applied, that would be nowhere near what he’d need to make ends meet.

Hot Cares contacted our friends at Scully Scooters to make this Christmas Wish come true. They’ve come onboard with a 125cc automatic scooter and a full 5-day defensive riding and soft skills program valued at R25 000.

The Christmas Wish team will be delivering a selection of Christmas meats to their mini-retirement village along with R5000 cash so that Vaughn and the guys can enjoy Christmas Day.