Lisa Landsell wrote in to Christmas Wish on behalf of her brother Doug Esch. Unemployed for nearly 4 years now, Doug has tried time after time to find a job without success.

With time on his hands, Doug decided to start a company called Posh by Design, specializing in interior decorating, home rejuvenation and much more, employing his talent to, as Lisa describes it: “…make [even] a potato sack look good!”

The uptake on Posh By Design has been slow, even though Doug has advertised in local newsletters and the like. When a close family friend suggested Doug expand his service offering to Posh Hygiene, some in-depth market research showed a clear demand for this service. Who wouldn’t want a good spring clean and home rejuvenation from time to time?! The funding was ready-to-go and the business case was approved, and then came COVID-19, bringing his burgeoning business expansion to an abrupt halt.

Alongside these financial/career difficulties, Doug battles with depression and the setback of not launching Posh Hygiene has sent Doug further into depression.

Lisa was hoping to buy Doug a Lock ‘n Load Deal on Hot to assist Posh By Design and Posh Hygiene with some much needed advertising – and hopefully the personal boost Doug would experience of getting some momentum in his new businesses. 

Lisa says: “…even just one slot. Then Doug could smile again, earn an income, take every breath knowing there is a tomorrow for him and eventually show the world he has a place in it.”

 Unable to afford it herself, Lisa has knocked on the right door through Christmas Wish to put a smile on her beloved brother’s face. Station Manager and Managing Director of Hot 91.9FM heard about all of Doug’s efforts to pull himself out of his darkness and has offered a whopping R100 000 worth of airtime to launch Doug’s business and get him back on track.

 While 2020 has been trying for us all, we’re reminded that kindness (however great or small) is a currency more valuable the money.