An avid Hot 91.9fm listener and loyal Hot Cares Auction supporter shared the incredible story of 11-year-old Anna with our team. Anna’s story is one of bravery. Abandoned at birth, Anna has been in the loving care of Corina, her foster mom, from the time she was just 8 days old.  Corina has welcomed over 50 babies in her place of safety over the years.  Anna was her first baby girl and whilst most babies go on to be adopted, Anna’s adoption fell through but by then she had found a special place in Corina’s heart and home.

Anna was a sickly baby and started having convulsions when she was 9 months old which led to the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. This caused her to miss some important developmental milestones – she soon couldn’t crawl and lost the ability to grip and hold things like she used to.  At 11 months old, Anna was faced with another medical setback but her fighting spirit helped her to recover fully after 9 months of treatment.

In 2008 Anna had her first series of operations to lengthen her Achilles tendons in both her legs and continues to have procedures and treatment as she grows. Anna excels at school and helps around the house with her younger siblings while Claire attends to the babies in her care.  It was Anna’s extraordinary courage and grit that touched us at Hot Cares. She faces her incredibly difficult circumstances as challenges and won’t let anything get her down.

The one wish Anna and Corina had was for an electric scooter to help Anna get around school easier and to be able to go out with her family and visit the malls.  Hot Cares was delighted to take hold of Anna’s crutches while she and her brothers took a scooter for a test drive. Her face was beaming while she learned how to drive it and Hot Cares was delighted to tell her we had purchased on for her and that Healthcare Mobility Africa would be delivering one to her home.

Hot Cares would like to thank NHC Medical Centre for assisting Anna with physiotherapy sessions to prepare her legs for her next surgery and to all our listeners and supporters for your contribution to helping us make Anna’s dream a reality.

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Anna receives her scooter

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