In our current economic climate, it’s sad to say, but retrenchment is an unfortunate reality that many South African families face.

Bianca, her husband and their son, who currently attends Grade 5 at Jeppe Prep are some such South Africans who’ve experienced this reality first hand.

After being retrenched, Bianca was fortunate to have found another job but at a substantially smaller salary, so the family have had to adjust their monthly budget considerably. Having cashed in her pension to assist with bills and to subsidise her lower salary, Bianca and her family are slowly getting back on her feet but they are still on thin ice, as this is not a sustainable solution to their financial woes.

Her two main concerns were her son’s outstanding school fees (R2 600) and money to pay for a full medical so that she can apply for medical aid (R400).

To get the ball rolling, Hot Cares will settle the outstanding school fees, pay for her medical consultation and give Bianca and her family a grocery voucher for R4 000 and a Dischem voucher for R2 000.