Ruweida Noble wrote into Hot Cares about her grandson Diyaan who has epilepsy.

Diyaan and his mother stay with Ruweida and they both take care of him and wake up through the night to tend to his epilepsy. This hugely impacts not only their sleep, but their quality of life. They need to be able to take care of Dyaan, but they also need to be able to get a good nights rest regularly to take care of themselves to sustain the care care Diyaan needs.

Because of his condition he sleeps in the bed with them so that they don’t miss what could be a crucial moment, and Ruweida wrote into Hot Cares to ask for assistance in getting a monitor to help him sleep in his own bed.

This monitor would be life changing for the whole family.

Hot Cares decided to purchase the monitor so that Diyaan can now sleep in his own bed and the family can have peace of mind, and a good nights sleep every night.

While Same and Jeremy were on the call to Ruweida, Jeremy noticed that her phone was not in good condition, and Hot Cares have bought her a brand new phone so that she can easily get in touch with others.

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