The Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL) Johannesburg has been protecting and caring for animals in South Africa since 1956 and recently celebrated their 65th anniversary on the 28th of February 2021.

The organization has about 300 animals on site at the Regents Park kennel facility waiting to be adopted.

The stray and abandoned animals arrive daily for varied reasons, many being from families that are no longer able to afford to keep them, emigration or downsizing and sadly, where pets have managed to escape from their homes, and many have no way of identifying to whom they belong to.

The dogs and cats can consume nearly 2000kg of pet food at an approximate cost of R45 000 – R50 000 per month. As with many charities, the COVID 19 pandemic has brought many challenges for AACL. As an NPO, they have been required to continue adapting and changing the way they care for animals through both the full veterinary welfare hospital and the kennel facility. All this being done with a greatly reduced sponsorship and donation income. As an essential service AACL- JHB, through their veterinary hospital, has continued assisting the low income and unemployed community members receive primary health care for their pets.

These services include vaccinations, sterilisations, and emergency surgeries. Pandemic protocols have restricted the number of people allowed on the property, limiting the numbers of walk ins, with both the hospital and adoptions now working on an appointment basis only. This all to safeguard staff and clients, as per government directive. However, this has all impacted negatively on AACL’s revenue stream.

To try and assist the community, AACL looked at the psychosocial impact of lockdown on the family unit and their pets, especially where families, with children and elderly were housebound due to the strict lockdown protocols. Their focus was to alleviate any potential temporary influx of animals entering the kennels due to loss or reduction of income and jobs. They set up a feeding scheme for our local community members to assist them in the feeding of their animals.

Although AACL have instituted other initiatives, like their online pet product store to generate income, they have unfortunately reached a point where their monthly income generation has either being cancelled (events and fundraisers) or there has been a reduction in donations and sponsorships. This has placed a huge pressure on their cash flow with investments having taken a severe beating.

As low-income community members throughout Johannesburg continue to struggle financially, AACL continue to look at ways to help those families with the welfare of their animals.

AACL does not receive any funding from The South African Government and rely on the generosity of public support. With your help, AACL can continue improving the lives of animals. Your contribution is vital, and every bit helps.

To assist the AACL

  • Consider adopting a pet
  • Become an AACL-JHB yearly member.
  • Monthly debit orders
  • Adhoc donations
  • Pet food/ blankets donations
  • Donation from their wish list
  • Sponsor a shelter animal at R300 per month.
  • Buy pet food and pet products through their online store.
  • Checkers – Swipe for Good card
  • My School Card

Hot Cares thanks AACL for protecting, caring, and being involved with all aspects of animal welfare – and will be donating dog food to the value of R10 000.

We urge our listeners to donate towards this worthy cause. Please email or visit if you can assist.

The Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL) NPO 000-560 / PBO 930006842