HOT Cares and Dis-Chem Foundation Come Together to Provide the Gift of Sight

HOT Cares and Dis-Chem Foundation Come Together to Provide the Gift of Sight

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There are many things in life that a lot of us take for granted and our basic senses are among them.

That’s just simple sight, hearing, smell etc.

That’s why Hot Cares appreciates just how distressing it must be to lose one of these vital faculties that play a huge role in our everyday lives.

In this regard, Hot Cares was contacted by Lerato Hlatshwayo, who wrote to us to request help in raising funds for pterygium surgery.

Pterygium surgery is a procedure performed to remove non-cancerous conjunctiva growths, called pterygia, which develop in the eye. The conjunctiva is the transparent tissue that covers the white part of the eye.  

“I’ve had pterygium since my teens and had a first consultation at St John Eye Hospital in 2001,” said Lerato. “Their eye specialist advised me not to have an operation then, as re-occurrence is very high, and once you have had an operation you can’t have another one. He said I should wait until my mid-30s-40 to have an operation. Now I am a few months shy of 40 and my eyesight is quickly deteriorating, and I would like to save it before things get worse.”

Unfortunately, Lerato is currently unemployed and doesn’t have medical aid.

She clearly needs help and even went as far as to attach a selfie of her eye and a screenshot of a quote she received for the medical procedure. 

“Any kind of help regarding this would be greatly appreciated,” she said, and this just touched everyone here at Hot Cares.

We just want to do whatever we can to help Lerato regain the sight in her eye, so we went straight to our extensive network and came up with something.

Hot Cares enjoys such a fantastic relationship with the Dis-Chem Foundation and they seemed like the perfect partner for this sort of project. Fortunately, they agreed, without hesitation!  

Jacqueline from the Dis-Chem Foundation proceeded to join Jo’burg’s Hottest Breakfast Show on HOT 102.7FM with the news that the foundation had committed to covering Lerato’s pterygium surgery, valued at R21 000!

Just amazing news, so a huge thank you to the Dis-Chem Foundation!

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HOT Cares Helps Bring Little Ashford and Hlalisekani Playgroup Together

HOT Cares Helps Bring Little Ashford and Hlalisekani Playgroup Together

At Hot Cares, we get so much joy from seeing the difference our work makes to the lives of those around us, but it’s also incredibly gratifying when that good work results in positive outcomes in other areas.

Take, for example, the story of Little Ashford Linden, in Randburg, which offers pre-school education to children and families across Randburg and Linden.

They are led by inspirational principal, Andy Swanepoel, and have a group of dedicated teachers on their roster.

Incredibly, they’ve decided to take Hlalisekani Playgroup – a project close to the hearts of everyone at Hot Cares – under their wing for a year.

“At Little Ashford, our purpose is to nurture the intellectual growth and development of all children, says Andy. “It is extremely important to Little Ashford that we make a difference in all children’s lives and ensure that they have a solid foundation for their future educational journey.”

The process is already underway, with Thami, the principal of Hlalisekani, undergoing training and taking on some of the recommendations from Andy and her team.

“Hot Cares has done incredible work at Hlalisekani and I am blown away by how the school has been built from the ground up with the help of Hot Cares and your generous listeners,” says Andy. “We are very proud to be assisting Hot Cares with the educational training and development of the staff at Hlalisekani.”

Little Ashford will also be assisting with the general maintenance and upkeep of the Hlalisekani facilities and equipment, and running monthly collections of food, clothing and equipment for the children and their families. They will also be holding monthly training workshops for the staff of Hlalisekani to ensure the children are engaging in stimulating and engaging activities that will help them achieve their educational milestones.

There’s also some fun in store for the children of Hlalisekani, who can look forward to the Easter Hat Parade and Egg Hunt on the 14th of April!

“I must commend the staff at Hlalisekani and the team from Hot Cares,” says Andy. “Everyone involved is so dedicated to the children and the staff are eager to develop their skill set. They have already implemented all the training principles from our workshops so far, and adapted the recommended classroom layouts, protocols and routines. On top of that, all that they have received through the years from Hot Cares and all the new donations are so well cared for and appropriately used.”

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HOT Cares Lends Support to Corinthians FC and New Blind Football Team

HOT Cares Lends Support to Corinthians FC and New Blind Football Team

HOT CARES BLOG corinthians

At Hot Cares, we love it when we can involve our HOT 102.7FM presenters in some of the rewarding work we do, as we look to make a substantial difference to the lives of those around us.

That’s why we were so pleased to be contacted by Mzi Kaka, who hosts Early Mornings with Mzi, Monday to Friday, 05h00-06h00, with Mzi alerting us to the story of Jack Msibi, the founder of Corinthians Football Club.

According to Mzi, Jack founded Corinthians FC in the community of South Hills, in the south of Johannesburg, nearly 10 years ago, as an initiative to give talented youth an opportunity to develop and explore opportunities in football. What started in a community park has now grown into a fully-fledged club, which now even serves as a feeder club for football academies in and around Johannesburg.

Further to that, along with football, Corinthians has now branched out into offering training in life skills, with regards employability, amongst other things.

“More recently, Jack and his team at Corinthians started a first-of-its-kind initiative in South Africa – a football team for the blind,” said Mzi. “This is a very unique community group to serve, with very specific, yet simple, needs. Jack reached out to me, appealing for any assistance we could offer.”

You just have to read some of Jack’s WhatsApp message to Mzi to get a sense of the passion for the project that Jack has.

“Corinthians Launches Blind Soccer Project. Reviving hope and confidence in these talented young people who have a passion for the game. Building a team that can represent SA at the Blind Championships in Birmingham UK 2023. #Impossible Is Nothing!”

Jack, incidentally, is a sports psychologist at the Deutsche Internationale Schule Johannesburg, and started the club with just five players in 2012. Corinthians now has over 80 players, including a girls’ team. Eight players have gone on to represent the club at district level.

Hot Cares just loves what Jack has achieved and would like to help in some way. So, we’re going to purchase soccer boots and kit for the team, to the value of R5000!

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HOT Cares and Dis-Chem Foundation Get Behind Surgeons for Little Lives

HOT Cares and Dis-Chem Foundation Get Behind Surgeons for Little Lives

There are some fantastic people out there, doing great work for those less fortunate than them, and really making a difference.

Hot Cares salutes these people, with organisations such as Surgeons for Little Lives a great example of the groups of people who have the ability to profoundly change lives. In this case, young lives.

Surgeons for Little Lives is run by a small group of paediatric surgeons, and ordinary people, passionate about uplifting the lives of less fortunate children needing life-changing surgery.

It was started with the overriding objective of raising the level of care given to patients in the paediatric surgery wards in state hospitals, in the greater Gauteng area, to world-class standards.

One of the challenges they face is the fact that through circumstances beyond the control of South African doctors, they can’t always provide the standard of care that they would like. That’s largely due to a lack of resources, meaning the level of care available to the smallest patients and their families in large, over-burdened state hospitals, is very basic.

This means it takes longer for children to recover after surgery and complications are more likely to set in.

The primary objective of Surgeons for Little Lives is to raise money to fund specific projects that will improve the care given to the children served by the Department of Paediatric Surgery in greater Gauteng and its surrounding provinces.

Their current, and most urgent, projects include:

  • a new paediatric surgical out-patient clinic, incorporating a parental sleep-over facility
  • a dedicated operating theatre for paediatric burns patients
  • an outside playground for recovering paediatric surgery patients
  • providing recovering burns patients with expression art opportunities

All of these projects are based at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital in Johannesburg and you can see why Surgeons for Little Lives need all the help they can get, supporting the fantastic work they already do.

Fortunately, Hot Cares has some fantastic partners, such as the Dis-Chem Foundation, and this made for yet another fantastic on-air execution.

The Dis-Chem Foundation’s Jacqueline stepped up on Joburg’s Hottest Breakfast to announce that the Dis-Chem Foundation, together with Hot Cares, would be opening an in-store account at Dis-Chem for Surgeons for Little Lives, valued at R15 000 a month for seven months!

Doctor Nirav Patel was on hand to receive the money on behalf of Surgeons for Little Lives, and Hot Cares is confident that this money will be put to great use.

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HOT Cares Partners with Guvon Academy to Kickstart Youngster’s Culinary Career

HOT Cares Partners with Guvon Academy to Kickstart Youngster’s Culinary Career

Hot Cares is incredibly grateful for the amazing partners we have in our stable, as they continue to blow us away through their generosity and play a huge role in helping us make a meaningful difference to the lives of those around us.

The Guvon Hotels & Spas group is such a partner and more recently, it’s their Guvon Academy – based in Honeydew and offering courses in hospitality, tourism and chef studies – that has provided Hot Cares with the opportunity to change the life of a young South African.

That’s through a complimentary once-in-a-lifetime bursary they’ve offered up to a passionate individual wanting to enter the exciting and demanding world of hospitality.

This bursary is for a three-year programme to become a professional chef – valued at R350,000 – and includes textbooks, a knife set, chef uniform and workplace experience within the Guvon Hotels & Spas group, as well as an international award from Highfield Qualifications in the UK.

Interested youngsters were encouraged to visit the HOT 102.7FM, submit their motivation letters, matric results, and a photo or video demonstrating their passion for cooking.

That led to a passionate submission from one Jezlin Jacobs, who had previously obtained a qualification in the field of visual arts, specialising in printmaking.

“I have always been intrigued by the culinary arts, specifically the work of Japanese sushi masters,” said Jezlin. “This intrigue developed into a love of all food and persuaded me to choose it as a career. My passion has created experience in experimenting and cooking for family, as well as preparing large banquet meals for catering companies.”

For Jezlin, he saw the bursary as an opportunity to ultimately go on to study under Japanese sushi masters in Japan, as well as obtain a Michelin star for mastery in flavour and cooking technique.

“Due to family financial difficulties and time constraints, I have not been able to further my education,” said Jezlin. “But, I was lucky enough to have a friend tell me about this opportunity, and I’m now reaching out to the Guvon Academy.”

Jezlin’s passion for food was obvious and came through in his application.

“My dream is to make people happy through food, because cooking has taught me patience, kindness and that life is short,” says Jezlin. “Eat dessert first!”

Hot Cares couldn’t agree more and wishes Jezlin all of the best with his culinary studies.

A big thank you to Guvon Academy, a proud member of the Guvon Hotels & Spas group!

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Hot Cares for Innesfree Park fire victims

Hot Cares for Innesfree Park fire victims

Hot Cares for Innesfree Park fire victims

Wendy Malpage started ‘Bubele Africa ‘a year ago when she noticed the high unemployment rate in her local neighbourhood. However, she was inspired to take action when walking past the Sandspruit River and seeing the area full of litter.

She then thought that by getting unemployed people to assist in cleaning our rivers, the surrounding neighborhood and communities could sponsor the initiative. That is where the Bubele Non-Profit organization emerged as a powerful tool for helping those in need.

The organization has been working along the Sandspruit and Braamfontein River for the last year and have managed to remove over 18 000 bags of trash from the areas.

Through ‘Bubele Africa ‘Wendy has gotten to know many small communities in the area. Most of community members are recyclers, who collect and sort through the rubbish from surrounding areas. They earn between R150-R200 per week and cannot afford to pay rent in the townships – they also do not have the space needed to recycle and sort. Wendy has been working with a particular community, Innesfree Park for a year now.  She knows each community member by name, and she has tried to teach and empower them through the initiative.

Tragically, there was a fire that swept through the community. They lost everything and it has been devastating for them. Wendy would like to reach out to the community to make them aware of this situation, as well as the suffering and needs of so many South Africans at this time. They would appreciate any assistance with the following items:

  • Plastic Sheets to rebuild their homes.
  • Food and blankets
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Pots and utensils

Hot Cares is happy to assist Wendy and the Bubele Non-Profit Organization – to help the community of Innesfree Park and will be providing groceries and toiletries to the value of R6000.

If you would like to make a monetary or item donation towards the fire victims, please go to the Bubele Facebook page or email