Dischem and Hot Cares Partnership

Dischem and Hot Cares Partnership

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HOT CARES, the charity initiative aligned to HOT 102.7FM is proud to announce a partnership with the Dis-Chem Foundation. The initial 1-year partnership will see the Dis-Chem Foundation and HOT CARES combine resources to assist communities and individuals in need.

We are delighted to be partnering with the Dis-Chem foundation, says Carmen Rocha, Manager of HOT CARES. “Our values and those of Dis-Chem are aligned in that HOT CARES seeks to make a positive and sustainable impact within the community, whilst the values of the Dis-Chem foundation are “Caring for the Community”. Working together we will jointly be able to do better serve our community and I am excited at the prospect of bringing our combined values to beneficiaries”.

“The Dis-Chem Foundation, derives its funding from customers’ use of their Dis-Chem Benefits loyalty cards,” says Sherry Saltzman of the Dis-Chem Foundation. “Through the support of customers, we have been able to impact many sectors of the community including the provision of over 200 000 meals a month to children in Early Childhood Development. We’ve observed the excellent work that HOT CARES has done over the past and we believe that together we will make a significant impact on people in need.”

Hot Cares on Hot 91.9FM reach out to assist Fellow Presenter Neville Pillay

On Thursday, 25 July, award winning Hot 91.9FM’s Managing Director, Lloyd Madurai was informed by Sheena Sewpersadh, a listener in Durban who streams Hot 91.9FM, about fellow radio presenter Neville Pillay critical medical situation and his desperate need of financial assistance to pay medical bills. Immediately Lloyd reached out to the station’s presenters and it was agreed that Hot 91.9FM would help a friend and fellow deejay.

Neville Pillay (48), a former ECR and Lotus FM presenter and comedian, recently suffered a heart attack and mild stroke. In addition, the blood vessels in his eyes burst, which has resulted in him being left with partial vision and his kidneys have started to fail.
Neville’s wife, Carol has said their lives have been turned upset down. “We do not have medical aid so are relying on the government hospitals which in itself has many challenges. We have used up all our savings and are now looking for financial assistance with medical costs”.
Neville and Carol have two girls, 17 and 8. Carol adds, “Neville is just surviving. Our kids are at their lowest, seeing their dad this way. Our youngest refuses to go to school because she is afraid something will happen to him and the older one, out of desperation, posted about our plight on her dad’s Facebook page”
Speaking on behalf of Hot 91.9FM, Lloyd Madurai said, “Hot Cares will cover their medical aid contributions for one year – up to the value of R50 000. We at Hot 91.9FM believe in the power of community, especially community coming together to help others. With this in mind, we would appreciate any assistance that our South African Community can give to Neville Pillay and his family – you can make a difference!”.

If you are able to assist the Pillay family, please email hotcares@hot919.co.za.