“A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.” John Wooden

Joe Mosethle, a coach at the Randburg Football club, is known is to have inspired his students towards hard work, persistence, and to focus on achieving their dreams to be a champion in any field. Unfortunately, coach Joe had to have his foot amputated before the COVID lockdown period as he is a diabetic and his foot got severely infected.

Coach Joe has been a coach at the football club for many years. He has coached hundreds of students and has never missed a training session or match.  He was an active coach, always on the pitch showing the students what to do.  

Recently, the soccer clubs have re-opened and Coach Joe is back on the pitch. However, he is unable to demonstrate or show the students various techniques due to his disability and he requires crutches to be mobile.

Coach Joe has contributed so much to the community of Randburg and regularly assists with coaching the key skills and principles of the game to students from Soweto. 

Sadly, Coach Joe is battling to afford his much-needed insulin medication. It costs him over R1000 a month and often struggles to ‘make ends meet’.

Hot Cares has decided to assist Coach Joe by easing the burden of his monthly insulin costs. Coach Joe will be receiving a R1000 Dis-chem voucher for the next 12 months.