Kwena Molapo Pre-school opened 25 years ago and is situated in the Lanseria informal settlement. It provides care and early childhood education to the children in the area and the pre-school also provides meals to the community.


Currently the land is occupied by over 500 families residing in shacks with over 2000 community members. This area is one of the poorest in Gauteng with 95% of its community members being unemployed. The area has no water, proper sanitation facilities or electricity.


Operating with limited resources Kwena Molapo Pre-school has made remarkable strides in the ECD sector but is in desperate need for assistance with groceries so that they can continue to provide meals to pupils and families in the area.


Thanks to the generosity of Eric and the team at Food Boys Hot Cares will be sending food items valued at R5000 to the school – making sure the little ones are well fed during these difficult times.