Cathy Bewsher contacted Hot Cares to ask that we help in assisting with creating more awareness for the Organ and Tissue Donor Foundation, as well as possibly help raise some funds for them – all in commemoration of their son, Nathan’s, 14th birthday.

During lockdown last year, Nathan Bewsher (13), sustained a severe head trauma upon falling whilst out on a jog.

Nathan was a hard- working, disciplined and kind boy and he was a student at St. Johns Preparatory. He had quite a sense of humour and was his family’s little ‘wingman’ in everything sense of the word, be it doing odd jobs around the house – he enjoyed trying his hand at everything.

Also, something of a daredevil, Nathan was fearless whilst still being most gentle, respectful child who never gave his family any trouble.

When he was found in the neighbour’s driveway, he was unresponsive. The family tried to perform CPR until medical help arrived. The medics managed to regain his heartbeat and he was taken to Milpark Hospital where he was placed on life support in the trauma ICU. Nathan spent 6 days in a coma, unable to breathe on his own.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the doctors, it became apparent that Nathan would not regain consciousness. The family were left with a decision – to either let him pass away naturally on his own as his organs slowly shut down or to consider allowing him to be an organ donor and thereby potentially saving others’ lives.

The family made the difficult decision to donate his life saving, healthy organs. They did not want his death to have been in vain and know that being the kind, generous boy that he was, he would have wanted it too, and in doing so he saved four lives.

The family have become very passionate about trying to help the Organ Donor Foundation gain more potential donors on their roll, both from an organ perspective as well as tissue.

“With his determination and love for life, we are confident Nathan would have done something great and grown to be an amazing man with so much to give to the world. His contribution to our own small world in his short life was indescribably priceless, full of value and love. As such, this is will be our little hero boy, our Nathan’s legacy, since he can’t be here to make it for himself.”

Cathy Bewsher mentions the following:

  1. Please consider becoming a registered organ/tissue donor,
  2. If you are or do want to be a donor, please discuss this with your family so that they know your wishes
  3. One can become a living tissue donor
  4. Learn CPR and should you find yourself in a position where a person appears deceased, still perform it anyway until help arrives, this can potentially save their organs which can still save lives.

According to the Organ Donor Foundation, there are more than 4 300 South African adults and children, who are currently awaiting organ transplants and could die if donors are not found. Less than 0.02% of South Africa’s population are organ donors. The ODF is a completely self- funded NGO with no financial assistance from the government.

To register for organ and tissue donation visit

Whilst Nathan was in hospital, Pirates Running Club ran a 5km heart shaped route and left messages of support and well wishes. The family has decided to host a small virtual walk and fundraiser in honour of Nathan – creating awareness for the Organ Donor Foundation. To sign up and join Nathan’s Birthday Run/Walk click here.  Presented by Pirates Road Running.

In memory of Nathan Bewsher, Hot Cares will be making a donation of R10 000 towards the Organ Donor Foundation.