Robinah contacted Hot Cares on behalf of her beloved grandmother who lives in the Lorraine area in Tzaneen. As we read her letter, we got a deep sense of Robinah’s love and gratitude as she described how through thick and thin, her grandmother has always been there; to love, guide and advise her. She attributes her granny’s impact on her life as the reason why Robinah has turned out as the happy, hardworking and positive person that she is today.

At nearly 100 years old, she is still so curious about life and is especially interested in aeroplanes and how they work; but she’s never had the opportunity to travel in one. With her 100th birthday on the 8th of October, Hot Cares decided to send Robinah and her Gogo on a trip of a lifetime!

We are flying Gogo Madyandlula, her daughter Jane and her granddaughter Robinah to PE with two nights’ accommodation courtesy of the Port Elizabeth Hotel Group; and of course, we’ve thrown in some spending money to ensure they have a weekend to remember!

Happy Birthday Gogo Madyandlula!

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