Bill Watt, a helicopter engineer got in touch with Hot Cares regarding a colleague of his, Lawrence Masando.  Bill has worked with Lawrence for the past five years at Grand Central Airport in Midrand, where Lawrence is an apprentice.  As the family breadwinner, Lawrence was educated near Maloto in Pretoria, has worked at KFC as a fryer and through dedication and determination, joined Grand Central Airport as an apprentice. He attended MATA for initial training and later returned to complete the trade test exams.

Lawrence has shown great potential and has passed his apprentice exams and now needs to take various Civil Aviation exams to obtain his engineers license on various types of helicopters. The experience Lawrence has gained over the past 5 years has been extensive on all the helicopters that Eskom use, as well as various emergency helicopters used locally and in the rest of Africa. Bill Watt has also personally mentored him where possible, including trips in RSA and in Zimbabwe.

Unfortunately, Lawrence cannot afford the various courses and exam fees to complete his training and it would be a pity to see such a hard-working talented young man not to complete his license.

Hot Cares has decided to help Lawrence achieve his aviation goals, by covering the license exam fees worth R13 350 at MATA – Mega Aero Training Academy.