Hot Cares received a call from Charmaine. Charmaine’s daughter Lindsay, sadly lost her daughter to Angelman syndrome last November.

Following the emotional ordeal of nursing and eventually burying her daughter, Lindsay still has so many doctors accounts to pay. The stress has also filtered over to her 16-year-old son, Lerique, who’s currently in Grade 11 this year.

Charmaine explained to Hot Cares that Lindsey not only has to labour under the pain and pressure of losing her daughter, she’s also having to single-handedly raise her son Lerique and incur lawyers fees for on-going maintenance issues with Lerique’s father. Amid this financial turmoil, Lerique is in desperate need of new school shoes and uniforms and has been borrowing sports kit from friends.  Going into Matric next year, it will mean a new Matric, tie, pullover, scarf etc.

Hot Cares would like to lighten the load a little for Lindsey and help meet some of Lerique’s needs.  We have contacted the school uniform shop and have arranged for Lerique to get the uniforms, shoes and sports kit he needs now, as well as for his Matric year – to the value of R4000.

As with most teenagers, they always like to look good and hasn’t really had the opportunity to get new clothes, we’ve given Lerique a clothing voucher worth R3000.

And lastly, to help Lindsay and Lerique stay afloat, Hot Cares has included a grocery voucher valued at R2000 to ease the burden of day-to-day provision for the two of them under their current financial strain.

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