Hot Cares received a phone call from Graham Cooper, providing us with an update about his housemate Vaughn Van Reeuwyk. Graham had nominated Vaughn for Christmas Wish 2020 and he was one of the recipients.  

Due to financial difficulties Vaughn had fallen behind in his rent and the landlord had given him notice to move out as he had found another tenant.

Vaughn has been to various shelters in the area looking for accommodation and was left with very few options.

The day Graham contacted Hot Cares you could hear the hopelessness in his voice. It was the day that Vaughn had to vacate the premises, “He won’t know to turn left or right, he doesn’t know where to go”.

Hot Cares immediately contacted, Anthea Da Costa, the owner of Wings of Inspiration Women and Children’s Shelter for advice and to our surprise was able to assist with accommodation for Vaughn at the Wings of Inspiration Elderly Care Centre.

However, there was a shortage of beds at the centre. Hot Cares has assisted in purchasing a bed, towels and toiletries for Vaughn and he was collected by Wings of Inspiration and taken to his new home.

He now volunteers at the centre, tending to the garden and livestock. The family at Wings of Inspiration Women and Children’s Shelter having been taking great care of Vaughn – they have even begun an exercise class in the morning!

Hot Cares would like to thank Anthea Da Costa and the Wings of Inspiration Women and Children’s Shelter for their assistance, kindness, and generosity.