As part of the Hot Cares Back-To-School Supply Run on Hot91.9FM, (which will see over R 840 000 worth of bursaries, early childhood development equipment, stationery and back-to-school gear being awarded to deserving candidates during the month of January); Open Learning Group CEO Rian Breed joined Hot91.9FM MD Lloyd Madurai in-studio onJoburgs Hottest Breakfast Show to make a special announcement that’d be particularly interesting to one Tracey Ndlovu.

Having served as Deputy Head Girl at her School, Tracey has always had aspirations of studying logistics, having developed an interest in the field during high school.

Currently 20 years old, Tracey had applied and had been accepted to study a diploma in Logistics Management at the University of Johannesburg, but unfortunately, her mother, who works as a domestic worker, wasn’t able to find the required funds for bright and ambitious Tracey to continue her studies.

A R21 000 bursary to study Logistics and Supply Chain Management was generously donated by the Open Learning Group, and being a well-rounded achiever, Hot Cares found Tracey to be the ideal candidate.

Not only will her tuition costs be covered, textbooks and study materials are included, as well as a free 10 inch Alcatel Plus 10 Windows Tablet (with 1GB anytime data and 1GB night owl data for 12 months) to keep her connected!

We wish Tracey every success as she embarks on her tertiary journey!

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