Hot Cares recently contacted Wings of Inspiration Elderly Care Centre for assistance with one of our listeners who needed help rehoming a 72-year gentleman she had given a place to stay over the last few years. He has no family, struggles to survive off his SASSA pension and she was concerned as she is planning to emigrate soon. Thankfully, Wings of Inspiration Elderly Care Centre has welcomed him with open arms.
However, while we were making arrangements with the care centre, we discovered that the home is in desperate need of bedding and groceries.

Hot Cares has a history with the centre and decided we needed to assist urgently. In 2018 and 2019 we assisted Wings of Inspiration, formerly known as Have a Heart, by replacing all the windows in the building, and by providing 24 new beds, mattresses, and pillows for the residents. Unfortunately, the previous owner fell ill and the centre’s condition took a knock. Luckily, Kirsten and her sister Anthea have taken over the centre and have made Wings of Inspiration Elderly Care Centre feel like home.

Currently, the home has 19 elderly residents – 2 of which are wheelchair bound and soon, Wings of Inspiration will house 26 residents- most of which have fallen on hard times and do not have any family to support them.
Hot Cares has decided to purchase bedding and groceries to the value of R10 000, ensuring the residents are kept warm during these cold nights and have nutritious meals. We have also purchased an infrared thermometer which the centre has received.