Natasha wrote into Hot Cares voicing her concerns about her aunty Gwen.

Aunt Gwen who is 74 years old and is living in a flat on her sister’s property living off a SASSA.

She has recently suffered a stroke and is now bedridden and her daughter has been put in a position where she needs to permanently look after her, as she cannot be alone.

To add to the effects of the stroke she is also showing signs of dementia and doesn’t always even recognise her children  which makes this even harder on her daughter.

She doesn’t have medical aid and can’t go to the bathroom unassisted, her daughter has to assist her with these daily tasks we take for granted, as well as wash her and clean her.

They don’t have money for adult diapers or a wheelchair, so she lays in her bed and wets herself, and her daughter spends so much time just cleaning up the mess.

Natasha went on to say that she doesn’t deserve this as she spent her whole life helping everyone else, she was kind, caring and always took time to help others.

Her children cannot afford to financially help her.

The request was for a second-hand wheelchair.

Hot Cares contributed adult diapers to the value of R5,000.00, a wheelchair and have decided to send aunty Gwen to see a doctor for a check-up.