Hot Cares had the pleasure of meeting vibrant and beautiful Ben, an orphaned boy who was born with a profound hearing loss. His exact age is not known but through dental assessments, doctors estimate his age to be about 9 years.

Hot Cares received a request to help Ben with a new hearing aid as his had broken and the orphanage was not in a financial position to replace it. We contacted Dr. Indra Pillay, who had approached Hot Cares in August to offer her services as an audiologist.  Dr. Pillay conducted a full hearing assessment, arranged a new set of hearing aids and was delighted to fit them on Ben and turn them on.  The smile on Bens face was priceless as he tuned into the world where he could hear his own voice and imitate everyone around him.

Laurie his interpreter said, “Since getting these new hearing aids he shows them to everyone, copies what everyone says and loves to hear his own voice”.

Hot Cares responded to the second part of the request and handed Ben some winter clothing and snuggly pajamas to keep him warm this winter.  Not forgetting his friends at the orphanage, Ben left with snacks and juice for each one so that they too could share in his joy.

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