Kelly is the lady that nominated Audrey (the lady we gave the car too)

The 10th of September is World Suicide Prevention Day – Kelly’s father committed suicide.

Apart from having a full-time job, Kelly spends her spare hours in between work, after hours and weekends helping the underprivileged with either a first- time experience, a donation of clothes, household items, food, advice.

She also helps shelter and rescue animals and set up two small organisations namely The Buddy Project and The Robot Christmas Project..

Kelly lost her mom to Cancer, She also then lost in the space of two years her Dad to suicide in December 2013 and her sister to Cancer in December 2015, her Gran in February 2016 and Laurens dad to Cancer in November 2016. Her sister was a single mother and left behind two sons, one who is currently 26 and the other 7 who she supports.

Kelly was involved in an accident the person who hit her didn’t have insurance and her car was written off and the payout was small so she purchased a vehicle after losing her deposit on another one by a fly by night business. The vehicle she purchased gave troubles from week 1 and still constantly gives problems.

She has had all three of her dogs having to pay seperate visits to Blue Bush Vet.

She has short paid her rent this month and has until the 15th to pay it.

How is Hot Cares helping?

  1. Clearwater Mall voucher R 5 500
  2. Petrol R1300
  3. R3500 towards other expenses
  4. Eye test & glasses