Jessica Boshoff, is a breadwinner in her home, all the while working towards her matric studies at Hoerskool Florida and navigating through her teenage years. During her school holidays, Jessica does odd jobs to bring in a meager R6 000 a month, which she contributes to the household she shares with her unemployed father. With so much on her shoulders, Jessica was not going to be able to attend her own Matric dance.

Appealing to Hot Cares, her boyfriend Kieran nominated the girl of his dreams to be treated to a night to remember.

With the help of our friends and partners at The Guvon groupGlenburn Lodge and SpaAvis Chauffeur Services, a benevolent hair and makeup team as well as Roadtrip, and of course, with your generosity as a Hot91.9FM listener, Hot Cares was able to give Jessica her fairytale evening.

Jessica and two of her friends enjoyed breakfast and spa pamper treatments, and were stylishly chauffeured and no pumpkins at midnight!

Jessica not only went to the dance looking and feeling beautiful but also went feeling so special and was overwhelmed by the love and kind-heartedness she received throughout the day.

Thanks for your help, and the help of our partners, it was Hot Cares great pleasure to play Fairytale Godmother to Jessica even just for a night!

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