Hot Cares received an email from a listener, Wendy, telling them about the dental assistance that little Alvin Dube was in desperate need of. Alvin had been traumatized by previous dental treatments which had not been effective. The milk teeth in this little 5-year-old boy’s mouth were rotten and infected.  The infection resulted in ulcers all over his mouth and face causing unbearable pain and the inability to eat. He needed to have the teeth removed under anesthetic, but his mom could not afford this treatment.

Hot Cares contacted Intercare for assistance.  Dr. Kyle Theys who is based at Intercare Fourways kindly offered to review Alvin’s case.  The Hot Cares team met with Alvin, his mom, and Wendy at Dr. Theys’ rooms on 3rd October.  This terrified little boy was shown so much tenderness and love from the team there, and by the end of the consultation walked out a brave and happy little boy.

A few weeks later, Alvin was taken into theatre at Intercare Sandton Day Clinic where Dr. Theys and his anesthetist, Dr. Sasha Botha performed the dental surgery needed. Due to the fact that Alvin would only be able to eat soft foods until his permanent teeth come out, Hot Cares purchased a hand blender for his mom to make soups, smoothies, and mashed vegetables as well as a hamper of nutritional shakes and cereals and vitamins to build up Alvin’s immune system.  Hot Cares was happy to hand over a voucher for Dischem to the value of R1 000 to ensure that Alvin receives the soft foods and vitamin and nutritional supplements needed.

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