Nominated by Kathleen Bierbaun, a parent at Weltevreden Park Primary School, Coach Jacob had his phone shattered in an unfortunate incident whilst coaching the children at the school. Understanding the necessity of having a phone, Hot Cares contacted our friends at Huawei, who kindly offered to give Coach Jacob a brand new Huawei Y6.

We invited Jacob to the studio to tell him the good news but in getting to know Coach Jacob better and the impact he has on his community, Hot Cares knew we couldn’t leave things there.  Jacob is a remarkable young man with hopes and ambitions of growing his own business KAOS and imparting his sporting skills to the new generation.  Having faced difficult challenges as a young teen himself, Jacob shared his vision of using his sporting skills and life experiences to make a difference in the youth within our community.  His ambition to grow KAOS into a successful business would enable him to further his studies in fitness, support his mother and give back to a community in need.

Hot Cares contacted Bronwen Scholtz from Fizique and together we were happy to hand over sports equipment including bibs, agility ladders, jump ropes, hurdles, mats, cones, hula hoops, and training soccer balls to Jacob.  This boost in KAOS’s equipment will allow Jacob to run additional camps and fitness training programmes and grow his business.

With sustainability always being top of mind at Hot Cares, we were pleased to be able to settle Jacobs fees for Matric in 2017, as well as secure his place at ETA College and pay the fees for the Higher Certificate in Fitness Diploma.  On behalf of our contributors, Hot Cares was confident that this investment in education and in empowering Jacob to grow and develop his business would not just make a difference to his life but to the lives of many others as well.

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