Rudolph Nicholson contacted Hot Cares to help his longtime mechanic, Darren Quinn. “I have known him for the past 10 years, he is an honest, hardworking and reliable young man,” he writes.

Darren has been particularly hard hit by COVID-19 and resulting lockdowns. The pandemic’s effects were compounded by personal setbacks and an unscrupulous business partner’s fraud. These hard times left Darren struggling but, the recent theft of his tools and vandalism of his LDV has left Darren completely hopeless.

To make matters worse, the single father has recently cancelled the insurance on his vehicle and tools to enable him to provide for his son’s schooling and living expenses.

Darren is now left with no way to earn a living as he is financially unable to replace the tools and equipment and repair the damage to his vehicle.

Hot Cares stepped in to help Darren by replacing his equipment to the value of R11 000. This will enable Darren to get back on his feet and carry on and continue working.