Hot Cares helps David Cox, a resident of the Ann Cheshire Home

In 2010, David was 14 years old when he was involved in a motocross racing accident and damaged his vertebrae. At the time he was a student at King Edward VII School. He managed to continue his studies and matriculated. David has had 26 operations to date.  In 2013 he was diagnosed with a rare benign tumor which damaged his spinal cord and by 2015 he was paralysed, David was then moved to Ann Cheshire Home so he could receive the 24hr care that he requires.

Even though David is physically disabled, his mind is sharp, and he is an active and serving member of the Ann Cheshire Home residents’ committee. He liaises between the residents and the management at The Home and is involved in various fundraising initiatives.  He is active on social media which is where Hot Cares was tagged in a post.

David says the most significant challenge the home faces is the transport for the residents. Their two vehicles are very old and they have raised R150 000 so far but need about R 600 000. There are about 38 residents at Ann Cheshire Home and about 22 nursing staff in total. The specific post in which Hot Cares was tagged, requested assistance with medical equipment to help the nurses and ultimately make a difference to the care of the residents.  Hot Cares contacted David and we have purchased a Pulse Oximeter, BP Monitor, Thermometer, Oxygen Cylinder and Glucometer to the value of R4 600. In addition, a R 5000 Eastgate Gift Voucher for Davids family was purchased to alleviate their difficulties with the many costs involved.

Also, as part of our touching 100 Lives initiative, Hot Cares has added R12 000 rental for Ann Cheshire Home for July as part of our “Touching 100 lives” Campaign.

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