Nominated by her sister Michelle, Nicole Coetzee has been struggling under the immense pressure of raising three boys on her own.  Michelle asked Hot Cares to assist with some clothing for Nicole’s boys and also to help Nicole find a job.

Being a widow and having been made redundant in October last year, Nicole has a little CV formatting business that’s assisted with the daily needs, but nowhere enough to pay the bills. As a result, Nicole has incurred significant debt to keep the boys in school.

Hot Cares intervened by supplying Nicole with a R1 500 Edgars voucher to alleviate some of the strain for the need for school uniforms and clothing for her sons.  With sustainability always being top of mind, Hot Cares approached their recruitment partner, Cletech, to help Nicole.

James from Cletech immediately contacted Nicole and we were delighted that they could offer Nicole a position within their company.

We wish Nicole every success going forward with her three gorgeous boys, and know that the new employment she has gained will allow her to better support her family.

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