Leanne Howroyd was nominated by her sister Amanda, a concerned Hot91.9fm listener.

The past two years have been quite trying for Leanne’s family, with both her and her husband being retrenched, they’ve been struggling to make ends meet ever since. Their two children, Mason and Skyler walk to and from school days due to the fact that the family do not own a car and are using a Scooter to try to get around and get things done.

Behind on their rent, and with obvious cashflow issues, the immense pressure of putting food on the table definitely needed to be alleviated.

Amanda said Leanne’s two children were in desperate need of stationery and uniforms for the year ahead, already benefitting from a subsidy for school fees, some days the school also has to provide a sandwich for the kids’ lunch, as there is no money for that either.

Leanne has managed to get temporary work but as the job is not permanent and the wage does not even cover the daily groceries she continues to look for something else to support her family.

Hot Cares decided, to ease some of the stress of the Howroyd family by purchasing school uniforms for Mason and Skyler – every necessary item for both summer and winter uniforms. Roadtrip took Leanne and the children to Ebsons School Uniform suppliers in Germiston for the pick-up.

We also supplied stationery packs for the kids to equip them with the requisite tools; so they can give their best this academic year.

In addition, and as a little surprise, we snuck in an Edgars voucher as well as a Pick ‘n Pay voucher to help with the groceries and other household needs.

Thanks to you and our generous sponsors, the help we were able to give amounted to just over R10 000.

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