The REEA Epilepsy Care Centre is an organisation that was established in 1938. Based in York Avenue in Craighall Park, the Centre cares for 40 residents of all ages. While the home was initially started for people who suffer from epilepsy, they also care for residents who with other disabilities. Many of the residents are indigent as their families have either run out of money or passed away and REEA is the only place left for them to stay. Over the many years that REEA has been in existence, they’ve implemented sustainable projects to finance the home and residents’ needs.

They have a small farm on Marlborough Avenue in Craighall Park, a great second-hand bookshop, a charity shop and a pet food distribution agency which are all manned by volunteers. Other projects they’ve undertaken include the Colourful Splendor Nursery, the Delta Cafe, the CO2 ceramics lab and the Bamboo Palace – an Artists workshop where they revitalise furniture as well as the impressive Rangers Stables which is home to 30 horses and facilitates riding lessons, among their many other valiant fundraising efforts.

Hot Cares recently visited the home and were impressed with their various projects, but were also acutely aware that it was not enough to meet every need. The Centre was in dire need of a change of bedding and mattresses needed some attention as some beds had not been replaced for up to 20 years. We as Hot Cares felt they needed a little extra help and so we contacted the Mattress King, and they immediately responded to the great need. They supplied ten new single bed mattresses; and with winter upon us, Hot Cares also went out and purchased new winter sheets and pillowcase for each resident as well as bath towels and some toiletries for their bathrooms.

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