In mid-December of 2017, Hot Cares received an email from Natasha Rodrigues, whose family was in a desperate situation. Natasha’s sister passed away in 2016 from breast cancer leaving behind two small children, leaving her mom and dad to raise their two grandchildren aged 6 and 10.

Tragedy struck again when her dad, the sole breadwinner in the household was diagnosed with liver cancer and passed away on 6 October 2017.

Natasha and her husband, who had been saving for their first holiday in 15 years, had to use this money for his funeral and to find a place for her mother and the children to stay.

They have now resorted to selling their things for food and daily living expenses.

Hot Cares was able to intervene and assist with a R4 000 Edgars voucher to assist with clothes for the children (this voucher can also be used at a CNA for their stationery) as well as a gift card to the value or R2 000 for groceries for the month.

And to save their long-awaited holiday hopes, our friends at Glenburn Lodge and Spa gave Natasha and her husband a weekend getaway!

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