Samuel Nonyane is a single father who has been reeling after the recent passing of his wife following childbirth.   Now faced with the enormous task of having to care for their newborn twin girls, as well as his two elder sons, Samuel also has to navigate how he will juggle work and his home responsibilities.

Both Samuel and Charlottes parents have passed away, which meant that they relied heavily on each other.  This makes Charlottes passing all the more difficult, to quote Samuel, “Charlotte was not only my wife and mother to my children but was also like a mother to me”

The story was first shared in a touching Facebook post that rallied support from the community behind him.

Veta Masters from CPS Promotions alerted Hot Cares to the dire need of the Nonyane family and, in addition to the overwhelming community support, it was apparent that there was plenty we could do to assist.

Hot Cares has helped Samuel with mall vouchers for groceries and clothes for the children to the value of R10,000.00 as well as R10,000.00 to meet all the unforeseen immediate needs that arise due to the death of his wife, the primary caregiver of his family.

The Dis-Chem Foundation have also come on board to help Samuel with a store account to the value of R3,000.00 per month for 12 months, which can be used to purchase formula, nappies and other baby essentials.

Should you wish to help Samuel in any way, please contact us on

Hot Cares – Making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us.

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